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Associate Member of ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy

Research Interests

  • Organizational & Personnel Economics, Field experiments


Working Papers

  • Strategic incentives in intermediary markets: Field experimental evidence (joint with O. Guertler, M. Heinz, K. Schäfer & D. Sliwka)
  • Discrimination, quotas and stereotypes (joint with L. Struth)

Work in Progress

  • How to attract talents? Field experimental evidence on emphasizing job flexibility and pay in job advertisements (joint with. L. Fuchs, M. Heinz & P. Pinger)
  • Ambiguity, stereotypes, and discrimination (joint with A. Apffelstaedt and L. Struth)
  • Wage transparency rules and promotions (joint with O. Guertler & L. Struth)


Summer term 2024

  • Principles of Microeconomics (Bachelor), Teaching assistant
  • Seminar Economics & Management: Incentives in Organizations (Bachelor)